Free at last!

Posted by Aaron Costello (2012-09-27 02:50:19)

It seems like it was only yesterday that we relaunched Digsbies.org (Oh wait! It was!) but the event we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: Digsby’s source is now free to be ogled and poked! Tagged quietly released the code into the wild last night via GitHub! TechCrunch just broke the news followed shortly thereafter by a post on the official Digsby blog.

It’s been a few month since the plan to go open source was first announced back in July and the time since then was well utilized, not only preparing the code for open source, but also including and activating some previously unreleased functionality. The open sourced code includes the long awaited update of the Live Messenger protocol to MSNP21, albeit disabled by default, finally adding support for signing in from multiple locations alleviating those “signed into another location” woes when going to Hotmail, or Live Mail, or whatever MS is calling it these days. There’s some work to be done to get the authentication to function on the updated version but it should be fairly close to completion.

Developers can get the source now at GitHub and everyone will have the new version in early October. There is a small caveat though, a few features you may love are going away due to the software being decoupled from the backend servers. The first of these features is video chat. Provided by partnership with TokBox this feature allowed users to video chat with others regardless of network. The next feature is the Digsby Widget which allowed you to drop a small chat window on a webpage and let visitors visitors chat with you live, without signing up for any service. Last but certainly not least is the syncing of preferences and account to Digsby servers. After the release, all your account information will sync down to local storage but will not be sent back to the server for use elsewhere. While the removal of these features may affect you directly, fret not! Each can be easily compensated for with a little work by the open source community and sound like a good starting point for open source contributions!

So, what now? Where does Digsby go from here? What should the open source community look at first? What bugs or features deserves the the highest priority attention? What should I eat for lunch tomorrow? Expect follow up posts over the next few days and weeks looking at exactly these topics and more! Well, except for the lunch thing, that probably doesn’t need it’s own post...


New Beginings

Posted by Aaron Costello (2012-09-25 07:04:17)

Hello and welcome to the newly relaunched Digsbies.org! The new design isn't quite ready but with the open source release imminent, a partial launch seems appropriate. This site, since its inception, has been a central part of the Digsby community providing users a place where they could share their Digsby customizations and make their voices heard on where they think Digsby should go next. Our goal is to reestablish Digsbies.org as the best place for these and so much more!

We think, now that Digsby is going open source, a central community-run site is more important than ever to ensure the future of our favorite instant messaging client. The current priority-one task here is to finish the design and position this frontpage as the best place to read up on any current events related to Digsby, whether they be official releases, open source variants, or projects using Digsby code to enhance their functionality.

Once that work is complete, we have some ideas on where to go next and plan to adjust the site to fit the needs of the community, as well as utilize the community itself to help the site evolve.

So please stay tuned and look forward to what we, and you, have in store!