New Beginings

Posted by Aaron Costello (2012-09-25 07:04:17)

Hello and welcome to the newly relaunched Digsbies.org! The new design isn't quite ready but with the open source release imminent, a partial launch seems appropriate. This site, since its inception, has been a central part of the Digsby community providing users a place where they could share their Digsby customizations and make their voices heard on where they think Digsby should go next. Our goal is to reestablish Digsbies.org as the best place for these and so much more!

We think, now that Digsby is going open source, a central community-run site is more important than ever to ensure the future of our favorite instant messaging client. The current priority-one task here is to finish the design and position this frontpage as the best place to read up on any current events related to Digsby, whether they be official releases, open source variants, or projects using Digsby code to enhance their functionality.

Once that work is complete, we have some ideas on where to go next and plan to adjust the site to fit the needs of the community, as well as utilize the community itself to help the site evolve.

So please stay tuned and look forward to what we, and you, have in store!

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